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Everything you need to know about solar screens is right here in our Frequently Asked Questions page. From color options to how to remove them. You’re at the right place. Just click on the questions to view the answers.

How do solar screens work?

Exterior Solar Screens absorb and dissipate 80% to 90% of solar heat and glare before it reaches windows and doors; this keeps the glass and interior cool.

Are solar screens easy to clean?

Yes, they only need an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. They are also mildew and fade resistant. However, if you would like some help, we would be glad to help you. Give us a call.

Do solar screens protect against insects?


Do solar screens provide privacy?

Yes, solar screen are light dependent and will provide privacy during the day.

Will exterior solar screens affect houseplants?

No. Most houseplants require filtered light. Shading reduces yellowing and water loss. In most cases, plants do better with shading than without but will require some amounts of direct sunlight.

Can solar screens be customized for every shape and size?

Yes. All shapes and sizes of windows can be custom made, arches, octagons and circles.

What is the average monthly saving per home?

The University of Texas did a study that predicts a 32% saving for an average home.

How do exterior mounted solar screens compare to glass tinting?

Glass tinting does provide some protection against the UV rays. However, it will still allow a large percentage of heat to dissipate into the house. Solar Screens filter and block at higher percentage, they are able to block the heat before it hits your window.

Should solar screens be removed in the winter?

No. Solar screens provide approximately 15% increase in the thermal performance of the window.

Can Solar screens be removed?

Yes. Solar Screens are easy to remove with a 1/4″ hex nut bit.

Are solar screens considered energy efficient and a green product?


For more information on solar screens and other energy efficient window treatments visit Energy Savers

Color Options

Screen Colors

Black, Brown, Stucco, Grey, Beige

Frame Colors

Mill, White, Bronze, Tan, Champagne

Screen Material

Phifer Suntex

Twitchell Textilene


80% Solar Screen

90% Solar Screen