Solar Screens The Right Choice!

Are you looking for a solution to cool your home and reduce your air conditioning bill? Do you have problems with too much sun all of the time? Do you current shades give you the privacy that you want from your neighbors? Instead of replacing your windows, think about another type of solution, and we have that solution for you! The answer to your problems is our Solar Screens!

Our Solar Screens prevent harmful UV Rays from entering your home, or business. These UV Rays can harm your furniture, paintings, and are a leading cause of skin cancers. By reducing UV Rays inside your home, they also reduce heat from the sun that causes such high air conditioning bills during those hot summer months. Some users have reported a fifteen percent to thirty percent reduction in their energy bill after switching from traditional shades to our product.

In addition, they control glare from the sun that might ruin your daytime television shows or morning news segment. Also, these screens will provide your home, or business, with the privacy that you want from neighbors, but will still allow you to see outside!

They are easy to install and need little to no maintenance.  These screens will be custom fitted to your windows. We can match nearly any design of window shapes. We also have several screen and frame color options available. The window screens fit snuggly into your current window frame channel and are then secured in place using self tapping screws. Our window solar screens will give your home/office a sharp updated look, while blocking the heat.

This product is made from a very special type of mesh that is based on a polyester weave and has a PVC coating to add strength to the product. It is a very sturdy product that has been made to last. In addition to being UV resistant, it is also fire retardant and antimicrobial, so you will not have to worry about fire hazards or breeding bacteria. The installation is simple and only the measurements of your windows are needed before hand. The shades simply fit into the window frame like normal shades do and then you do not have to worry about them!

So if you are looking for an easy solution to prevent UV Rays from entering your home, control glare, reduce your air conditioning bill, control the amount of light inside your home, and let you still see outside, our Window Solar Screens are the perfect solution for you! Solar screens are absolutely Amazing! They have many benefits from an instant home make-over to extraordinary savings. Check out the list below.


  • Save up to 30% on your electric bill

  • Day time privacy

  • Instant make- over

  • Works year long (keeps heat out and cold in)

  • Reduces glare

  • Pet resistant

  • Easy to remove

  • Easy to clean

  • Custom designed to fit any window