The good news? It’s a warm summer day, the weather report says it’ll be completely clear, and you’re planning on working on the car or cleaning out the garage.

The bad news? The weather report was wrong, and you can see dark clouds rolling up. The better news? Advanced Solar Screens is here to help!

If you’re looking to convert your garage into a usable room regardless of the season, garage screen doors are the ideal option.

We offer sliding and roll-up screen doors, transforming your garage into a space protected from bad weather and annoying insects. Our screens utilize either garage tracking or sliding doors, making it fast and convenient to close them up.

The solar screens themselves prevent harmful UV rays from entering the garage. While you’ll still reap the benefits of fresh air and outdoor temperatures, cooking under intense sunlight is never an issue.

Since 2003, Advanced Solar Screens has provided energy-efficient solar screen solutions to homeowners and business owners alike.

With an A-plus rating by the Better Business Bureau, we’re totally committed to providing unbeatable products and services. To get started, contact us online or by phone today.